3 Kisses

The 2011 Digi60 film festival this year featured a ‘catch’ that the main character must be affected by a kiss… I took it overboard, here’s the catch video- watch that first:

Now here is the film…It’s important to note that this is a small piece of a larger screenplay I’m developing (‘The legend of Johnny Hero’) and that this ‘cut’ was NOT the final cut of this short version.

I loved working on this, and it felt REALLY good to be able to tell this story…

and here is the DIRECTORS CUT, since the time limit at digi60 kept me from being able to tell the story properly, but I was invited to show this version at the Mayfair Theatre for a showcase about Digi60 called ‘Directors who took the leap’ on Feb 29th (leap year day…clever, huh?)