‘Hay Nüb’ (pronounced ‘Hey Noob!’) productions came about back in 2007…

Well, actually probably a little earlier than that, but wasn’t quite ‘named’ yet.  You see, Kevin Preece pretty much spent most of his life as a musician, performing in bands, getting on Muchmusic and performing before the Juno awards show… but he had always maintained a love for film.  When an injury sidelined his music projects for a bit of time, he began to look at making music for film to stay creative.  The unfortunate part was that most people only knew his work as a rock musician so would only come to him for that kind of music… So one day he decided to write a short film with a variety of elements to score so he could show his range as a composer.  That short film was called ‘Roommates’ and was met with a lot of positive feedback.  While it was intended to show Kevin’s range as a composer…it accidentally showed an ability for making film.

Y’know what…I’m going to stop with the ‘He said’ and ‘He did’ stuff…it’s ME…  I am Kevin, so I’ll just tell you straight:  I got bit by the film making bug…  I called it ‘Hay Nub’ as a parody of the fact that I was a ‘Noob’ at making films… then 2 people who are in the business, that I respect to no end spoke to me privately and separately, at length, encouraging me to keep going.  Their  persistence and encouragement really drove the point home that this is a fantastic creative outlet for me, so there it is.  I can’t lie…I loved it, and I was hooked!  I still make music, and collaborate with others but now I feel more fulfilled that I can make a visual experience to go along with music that I make…or even let others score it… the freedom is incredible.

Here is a partial list of some of the projects (Film and Music) I’ve been involved in:

Kevin Spencer, Season 5 (Television Series: the Comedy network) (Music)
Kevin Spencer, Season 6 (Television Series: the Comedy network) (Music)
Kevin Spencer, Season 8 (Television Series: the Comedy network) (Music)


Polarity (Short: Hay Nub Productions-Digi 60 2010 Official Selection)  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
Can I Come In? (Short: Hay Nub Productions) CLICK HERE TO WATCH TRAILER!
Polarity (Short: Hay Nub Productions-Digi 60 2010 Official Selection)
Werewolf Fever (Feature: Day in the Pasture) (Music)
Roommates (Short: Hay Nub Productions) CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
My Dead Girlfriend (Feature film: Dudez Productions)(Music)
Spank (Short: Underdog films)(Music)
Slasher Film (Short: fluke films)(Music)
Nightmare (Short: Exposed film)(Music) (Actor)
Dealer (Feature Film: Seville Productions/Exposed film)(Music)(Actor)
6 Minutes (Short:Darkstorm films )(Actor)
Carnage & Deception (Feature film:Coolwater productions )(Music)
Lucky Days (Feature Film)(Music)
Donkey (Feature Film: Fluke Films/Parktown Productions)(Music)
Attack of the Giant Leeches (Feature Film:Brett Kelly Entertainment)(Actor)
Iron Soldier (Feature Film:Brett Kelly Entertainment)(Actor)
Prey for the Beast (Feature Film:Dudez Productions)(Actor)
Whatever (Music Video) (Actor and Music) CLICK HERE TO WATCH!


Mclean-Hunter Cable (Commercial)

Here is my IMDB page, although it is woefully incomplete… maybe someday I’ll work on that…

There is a lot on the horizon, I’m fired up to see what the future brings, and I hope you do too!  Thanks for reading…

-Kevin Preece.

PS- I need to thank the friends that got me started, that have helped and will help me along the way on all this… you know who you are…

If I never get an Oscar speech- know that you are at least thanked here!